Intofeed is a leading manufacturer of feeds and nutritional supplements for crocodiles and exotic animals.

Our products have been developed to address the specific needs and problems commonly encountered in various industries, such as to meet the nutrient requirements at different life-stages, seasons and stressors associated with disease challenges and handling stress during the growth cycle of the crocodile.

New products are developed to suit specific client needs whilst ongoing research and development is done to remain on the cutting edge.


We use our significant experience in various industries to develop products which address specific needs and problems encountered in the industry.

Products are developed on an individual basis, based on the specific or exclusive requirements of a farmer / producer / manufacturer. This enable the customer to have specific and specialized needs fulfilled.

In establishing a joint venture INTOFEED makes use of a single software system that gathers the raw data generated by commercial crocodile farms and delivers information for decision support in all facets of crocodile farming to all relevant role players.



Since 2005 to date INTOFEED is the only company in the world dedicated to crocodile feeds, feeding and nutritional solutions which constitutes 90% of our annual volumes sold.

We pride ourselves in that we supply more than feed, and offer a partnership with our customer to improve overall husbandry and efficiency. We have a clear understanding that the best feed in the world will not make a crocodile grow unless it is fed correctly and hence the on-going involvement and partnership with our customers.

Our Mission:

  •  Supply effective products
  •  Simplify ingredient and additive procurement for efficiency
  •  Provide the highest quality of feed manufacture
  •  Provide technical assessment and advice on husbandry
  •  Enhance performance through research and innovation